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System Requirements

  • Windows 7, 8 or 10.

  • Internet Explorer 7 & above

  • Intel i5 and above

  • Memory 8GB RAM or more

  • Dedicated Graphics Card

  • Min. 2GB Video Memory

  • Pixel & Vertex Shader v3.0

  • Min. 20 inch Monitor

  • Min. 1280x1024 resolution

  • Three button mouse

  • Mouse with scroll wheel

  • Joystick (Optional)



A cutting-edge 3D GIS desktop viewer and creator that provides powerful tools and a high resolution 3D environment in which to view, query, analyze and present geospatial data. With TerraExplorer's robust and extensive capabilities and ever-increasing interoperability, stunningly realistic 3D visualizations can be created by overlaying the terrain with unlimited data layers, 3D models, virtual objects and more.


In addition to basic measurement and analysis tools for distance, slope, and volume measurements, TerraExplorer features advanced capabilities, including 3D plane area measurement, imagery comparison, and dynamic 3D viewshed.



Imagery and elevation layers of unlimited size and resolution in a wide range of formats can be overlaid on the terrain and seamlessly integrated with feature layers and multi-resolution, stream-optimized 3D mesh model layers for easy visualization, access, and analysis of 3D geospatial data. If a new layer is based on a source that uses a different coordinate system, the layer can be reprojected to the project's coordinate system. Point, line and polygon features can be displayed and used to display advanced layer information based on their attribute data. TerraExplorer also includes an extensive set of objects: 2D and 3D, dynamic, buildings, models, point cloud models and video, that can be displayed on the terrain, as well as advanced terrain objects that allow terrain modification within TerraExplorer Pro. A flexible clipboard mechanism and sophisticated duplication tools make it easy to copy, paste, and position objects on the terrain. Realism is enhanced with environment settings that include lighting effects, horizon distance, fog color, sky texture, cloud display, and shadow color.


Spatial Queries

TerraExplorer provides advanced capabilities for manipulating feature and 3DML data and analyzing spatial relationships. Various spatial operations can be performed on a layer’s features, including merging features into a single feature, clipping one polygon from another, exploding a multi-part feature into its individual component features, and exporting selected features to a new file. Complex spatial and attribute queries are supported. Features can be filtered based on attribute value or based on their spatial relationship with a specified polygon, line point or object. A buffer zone can be defined to include features within a certain radius of the selection.


Sharing and Presenting Data

SkylineGlobe Server streamlines the TerraExplorer workflow, enabling complete projects and layers to be optimized and published directly from TerraExplorer Pro to the cloud server. Through a single publishing operation, the data is made available to all TerraExplorer clients: Desktop, Mobile, and TE for Web, as well as standard geospatial clients such as WFS/WFS-T/WMS/WMTS/3D Tiles (Cesium). TerraExplorer’s presentation tools enable you to create a presentation, in which you communicate a specific view of the 3D World, by combining a customized flight route with a particular display of the project. Presentations can be easily converted into a movie in AVI format and played using any standard AVI Viewer.



Advanced tools allow conversion of model files and of point cloud data from various formats to a stream optimized Skyline-proprietary format for improved display performance as well as download rate. The Extract Terrain tool extracts and creates a subset of a local or remote terrain database for easy distribution.

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