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Remote Sensing Instruments(RSI) is the first company started by Mr T Sesha Rao (an ex-scientist from NRSC, ISRO, Department of Space). RSI started as an opto mechanical manufacturing unit manufacturing remote sensing instruments. Mr T Sesha Rao has started a group company RSI SOFTECH for propagating the digital technology. RSI SOFTECH is a long standing player of the Geospatial Industry and has strong presence in the Indian Subcontinent. RSI SOFTECH is specialized in providing Enterprise Geospatial Solutions and to the geospatial community of the world. It has expertise in medium and large scale application development involving the latest web technology in the areas of Web GIS, Utility Mapping (AM/FM), BIM Technology, Geospatial Data Mining Applications and providing Spatial Database Infrastructure Portal Applications and Services. It is also involved various Survey and Mapping projects like mapping of tsunami vulnerable areas and software development, mapping of ULBs and software development for property mapping, flying drones and mapping cities and various other mapping projects. Based on the years of effort and geospatial knowledge RSI SOFTECH is fully geared to provide the applications to suite the current geospatial user needs and specializes in providing turnkey geospatial solutions integrating precise hardware and software and customized apps for today’s enterprise geospatial needs.

Company Focus

Since our inception, RSI SOFTECH has been totally focused on building a strategic and state of the art Geo IT company.


Markets Served

Agriculture, Business/Marketing, Cadastral, Cartography, Defense, Internal Security, Electric, Emergency, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Planning, Forestry, Land Use, Gas, Oil, Mineral Exploration, Oceanography, Meteorology, Photogrammetry, Survey, Pipeline, R&D, Educational, Telecommunications, Transportation, Water Resources, etc.

Technical Services

RSI SOFTECH provides a variety of customer support services for customers in the India, including online, telephone and fax support for technical issues. It also provides custom development services, on a project-by-project basis, to assist customers with tailoring to their specific needs. Additional project consulting services are provided to help clients reengineer their project management approach and optimize their hardware and software to provide enterprise GIS solutions.

Development Services

RSI SOFTECH, Software Engineering Division designs, develops, customizes and integrates a comprehensive range of geographic imaging products stand alone or web based applications based on years of experience and knowledge in the geospatial technology. The products are tightly integrated, highly customizable, and easy-to-learn-and-use.

Infrastructure Facilities

RSI SOFTECH INDIA PVT LTD is headquartered in Hyderabad, India with 35000sqft of work area with state-of-the-art IT infrastructure and Lab Facilities. It also maintains its regional offices in New Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore and in many other locations of India.

Global Presence

RSI SOFTECH INDIA PVT LTD is the leading provider of GIS, Remote Sensing and GPS hardware and software products and related services to clients in India, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, UAE, Algeria, Tanzania and Uganda. RSI SOFTECH business encompasses software development, sales, technical support and training for numerous GIS/RS/GPS products, custom applications development, project consulting services.

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