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System Requirements

  • Windows 7, 8 or 10.

  • Internet Explorer 7 & above

  • Intel i5 and above

  • Memory 8GB RAM or more

  • Dedicated Graphics Card

  • Min. 2GB Video Memory

  • Min. 20 inch Monitor

  • Min. 1280x1024 resolution

  • Three button mouse

  • Mouse with scroll wheel

  • Joystick (Optional)



Make Smarter Operational Decisions

OPS Planning Software Suite is designed to create an enterprise wide common operational picture for the defense and security forces. The ability to build, view and analyze the operational picture with a operational information and intelligence is critical for successful military and intelligence operations. OPS suite of applications provide this much needed utility to every level of the military hierarchy, from the real-time visualization of the battle space by senior commanders, to the rapid and easy-to-use tactical analysis capabilities necessary to the warfighter.

Mission Planning, Rehearsal & Debriefing

Evaluate potential approaches to a target based on surrounding terrain, possible choke points and other critical information. OPS planning tool comes equipped with both traditional area analysis tools and more advanced analysis capabilities. Walk troops step-by-step through area data in multi dimension for accurate visualizations of anticipated operational situations. After a mission, accurately reenact the military operation, evaluating each progressive step and easily updating or modifying the model based on new intelligence.

Asset Tracking

With OPS’s interfaces to military specific data feeds such as Blue Force tracking data, High-light-on-Targets, standard mil specific feeds, and specific surveillance sensor platforms, users can view real-time information from multiple sensor sources within the relevant operational area context.

Command & Control

Vast amounts of updated area information can be made accessible within minutes so that deployment plans and lines of attack can be modified to reflect the latest intelligence and tactical information. View live updates as real-time data becomes available.

Intelligence Analysis

Create an area database “on-the-fly” using the latest INT reports of a target area. Feature Information is added to the area using forms, such as mine fields, utility lines and communication infrastructure further increase situational awareness.

Customized Solutions

Develop customized solutions web or desktop based on the API. OPS solution has robust COM based API, ActiveX controls with detailed documentation.

Key Benefits

  • Proven COTS software package and fully customized for Indian Defense and Security Forces.

  • Ability to deploy rapidly enabling the forces to have an operational planning system within days.

  • Built using the industry standard databases with high security features.

  • Plan operations within and outside the AOR, combine the Asset Tracking and INT information analysis to achieve an effective decision support system.

  • Effectively designed for mission planning, rehearsal, briefing and debriefing.

  • Simultaneously supports multiple locations with dynamic updates and provides real time multi location collaborations tools.

  • Federated Network tools allow distributed data sharing concept enabling geographically distributed systems to fuse data from all and create Common Operating Picture.

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