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System Requirements

  • Windows Server.

  • Internet Explorer 7 & above.

  • XEON or Intel i7 and above.

  • Memory 8GB RAM or more.

Storage Requirements

  • Any industry stand off the shelf storage devices as per user data availability and expandability.

Client Requirements 

  • Windows 7,8,10

  • Intel i5 and above.

  • Memory 4GB RAM or more.

  • Dedicated Graphics Card.

  • Min. 2GB Video Memory.

  • Min. 20 inch Monitor.

  • Min. 1280x1024 resolution.

  • Three button mouse.



Geo Data Manager(GDM) is a Geospatial Data Mining  Application Software is built on industry standard ORACLE. GDM is a Geospatial Data Management system for networked workstation and web environment. It  performs Archive, Query , Retrieve and Update of Image, Vector and other  spatial and non spatial data. Practically and digital file can be archived and indexed for future retrieval.


The system is secured operation based access control  tool which archives data by capturing the metadata information of the files being stored. GDM provides easy to use tools for retrieving the data thru  Geographical Queries on a Geo Viewer with point, polygon, buffer location query, SQL based  and various other geospatial based queries.  GDM reads almost all of the industry standard formats.


  • Supports all commercial and open standard formats of spatial and non-spatial files.
  • Simple and easy data organization and management.
  • Supports any file size that a standard OS can support Query by Metadata, AOI, Point Buffer, Geospatial Borders and on Date & Time
  • Implementing OGC/ISO Standards
  • Quick retrieval, user defined and spatial metadata information preview and image thumbnail view
  • Multi-level data protection and secured access control implementation
  • Customizable event-based history logging for administrative auditing and reporting functionality
  • Future Data Formats, OS Support, Support for Various Online and Offline Storage Devices.
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